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Soulmind is a unique music, audio, and written discipleship resource for helping followers of Jesus grow in their experience of connection with God.

Weekly Devotional Series

You’re not alone if you have a hard time figuring out when and how to connect with God. Our lives are so busy and full with lists of things we must do that even though we may want a deeper relationship with Jesus, days and weeks can go by without regular personal connection.

Designed for busy people, every Monday, Soulmind sends out a new 12-minute Weekly Devotional to your email inbox. You can either read it, or easily listen on your way to work, during an early morning walk, or any time that works for you. The combination of Scripture, teaching, time for personal reflection, and music helps to create the conditions for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit to sink deep into your heart, mind, and soul.

“The soul is the most basic level of life in the individual, and one that is by nature rooted in God. We must take care to do whatever we can to keep it in His hands, recognizing all the while that we can only do this with His help.”

Dallas Willard, Renovation of the Heart

Key Features

A new Weekly Devotional comes conveniently to your email inbox on Monday of each week, including easy-to-use audio links along with a written Overview, if you prefer to read instead of listen. Here’s a typical format for each audio devotional:

  • Introduction: 30 sec
  • Devotional Reflection (the week’s topic): 3-4 min
  • Guided Reflection with Scriptures: 1-2 min
  • Music (Quiet time for thought and prayer): 4-5 min

But more than just a devotional thought for your day, Soulmind devotes an entire week to helping you think through and internalize that week’s topic. Following up the Monday Weekly Devotional and Overview, the Daily Series emails Tuesday through Friday arrive each morning in your inbox to encourage you to stay engaged with the topic – and more importantly, with God. Audio links are included each day.

Here's how to sign up

Register with an email address to begin receiving a FREE audio Weekly Devotional and written Overview to your email inbox each Monday morning. You can also opt to receive the followup Daily Series emails Tuesday through Friday.

Reviews about Soulmind

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Thank you for a wonderful reflection and worship. I have never been one to study or do a devotional on a regular basis – after this week, that is going to be a permanent change. Also, I memorized scripture for the first time since high school.

I, too, have tried various meditative tracks in the past, which did help me ‘relax’ but didn’t truly feel like an experience of connecting and spending time with God. This devotional you have created really made me feel more like I just spent time with God than any other kind of devotional I’ve done.

Every morning I got up early to start my day with a devotional time.  And the Soulmind has been the first thing I do to start my devotion.  It calms me down, helps me empty my mind to focus on the Lord, and takes me into a prayer to ask for the Holy Spirit.  The message and music you share every week just bring my heart to realize His presence.

I LOVE what you and God are creating. I really appreciate the layering of opportunities to meet Christ … The Word of God, music, hearing the Word of God spoken, personal sharing, etc.

I like to use Soulmind as my daily devotional while walking my dog. I usually only listen to it and don’t read it, although I will reread the scripture or book quotes sometimes. I use it almost every day and if I miss a day I will usually catch up on it on a different day.