More Gospel | 1.3.16

Holidays can be kind of tough. In the middle of all the celebration, stuff happens that can make us doubt that this life of God is even possible. Not everyone has the Hallmark card family experience; not everyone is surrounded by a rosy soft-lens glow at Christmas. The pain and brokenness in us and in our families are often at their worst during this season.

I’m wondering if this is because we don’t embrace the whole gospel. Here’s what I mean: There is no point to the Christmas gospel without the cross later on in God’s story, without understanding and accepting what Jesus came to take care of – our sin and brokenness. The cross is what makes participating in the life of God possible. It enables us to come home.

So here’s the rest of the Christmas gospel: I am more broken and messed up than I can possibly imagine, and yet, at the same time, more deeply loved and accepted than I could ever hope for. And, the same is true for the people around me.