Hearing God | 1.10.16

Over Christmas we celebrated the gospel – that God loved us so much that the Father sent the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring us home into life with him. If you think about it, there’s a lot of relational imagery in that sentence; this is not a dry theological doctrinal statement.

I grew up believing this, but secretly, I had this feeling that there must be something really wrong with me, because I didn’t quite get how in world this “relationship” actually works. When I would hear people say that God had spoken to them, I didn’t necessarily doubt that He had; it’s just that he didn’t seem to be talking to me like that. And to complicate matters, I subconsciously imagined God to be a stern authority figure, sitting on a massive throne somewhere far above all of us, looking down to see who was obeying the rules. Friend? Trusted father? Not so much. It seemed that maybe only pastors or especially spiritual people were the ones that might actually be able to get close enough to God to “hear” his voice.