Communicator | 2.21.16

How does this hearing from God actually work? We looked at biblical examples of how God spoke with people like you and me. Those stories, as well as the experiences of many Christians throughout history, show that God can and does speak to individuals in some more dramatic ways – such as an audible voice, a visit by a supernatural messenger, a dream or vision. You may have had an experience like this.

However, throughout the Bible and human history, the most common way that God communicated was through an individual human being. In fact, the Bible itself is a case of God’s speaking in unison with individual human voices in its writing, in His guiding of people through the process of its delivery to humankind, and now always as it continues to speak to us today through Bible teachers, Christians writers and musicians, our fellow Christ-followers, and our own reading of the written Word.

Coming through the words of a friend or spouse, hearing another’s personal story, a book, a sermon, a quote, a phone call just at the right time, a Bible verse, a piece of music or a movie, even a billboard – the creativity of how God communicates with us personally through human language is absolutely astounding, if you are paying attention.