God Sees | 9.19.16

Here’s a question that I’ve wondered at times, and maybe you have too: Does God really know and care about what’s going on in my little world? Doubt sets in pretty fast – especially when going through really hard stuff. You know, those dark sleepless hours in the middle of the night, when you feel most alone, and the fear comes up strong that really, you ARE alone; you have been left to make it through life as best you can. God, if He’s out there, isn’t going to bother Himself with your concerns, if He even sees them. You can’t even seem to pray coherently.

Have you ever felt this way?

The book of Exodus in the Old Testament is the story of the people of Israel going through super tough times as slaves in Egypt—but, what is really interesting is watching the involvement of God in their story. The last couple of verses setting up the story in Exodus 2 says it like this:

  • God listened (to their groanings)
  • God remembered (his covenant with Abe, Isaac, Jacob)
  • God saw (what was going on with Israel)
  • God understood.

What’s important about the rest of the story is that God didn’t just watch. He responded. But honestly, the process He used to rescue them probably wasn’t what any of them would have asked for. They were in for a very rocky road on the way to being rescued. Putting myself in their shoes, I have to wonder how I would have felt when the trial seemed to go on and on, and there was no immediate happy ending.

My young friend gave me permission to share something she posted on FB recently: Here goes for number nine bone marrow biopsy tomorrow morning. I think that there should be a law or something against that. Seriously, I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m done. Didn’t they listen that I’m allergic to doctors, nurses, needles, and drills or hand cranks? I don’t want to go! Don’t make me…

Her situation seems unbearably hard, as maybe yours does right now. If this were me, would I choose to trust that God cares and is listening, seeing, and understanding my pain and fear? To believe that He is working even now to bring about what is good, even though His actions may not be what I expect? To hold on to hope in His ability to bring me through this situation? To trust in His heart and goodness?

This story of Israel tells us about God’s heart: that He hears, He listens, He cares and understands, and He acts on our behalf and for His good purpose. Could it be possible that your pain and fear, doubts, and questions in the dark are actually where you might end up meeting Him?