God’s Purposes | 2.7.16

We’ve talked about God’s plan to be present and involved with us, and about the fact that He is always with us. We are never left alone or abandoned. There’s no doubt that God’s presence is powerful and something to be greatly desired and depended on; those special moments when we sense Him being so very near, or clearly see an answer to our prayers, and the evidence and effects of His actions around us.
A key concept we are learning is that hearing from Him on any kind of day-to-day, personal level happens only in the context of a relationship with Him—when we prioritize our interactions with Him as we would with other people who important to us – our spouse, children, and close friends.

As wonderful and important as experiencing the presence of God is, along with the Holy Spirit’s gifts of peace, joy, and comfort that His nearness brings, guess what? My life with God is not concerned only my comfort, my success, my peace, my happiness, and so on.

There is an equally important reason for God to speak with us individually. He wants to bring meaning and purpose to our lives by engaging with Him as a friend and co-worker in what He is doing here and now.

Dallas Willard asks a pretty intense set of questions:

Why should God speak to me? What am I doing in life that would make speaking to me a reasonable thing for him to do? Are we in business together in life? Or am I in business just for myself, trying to ‘use a little God’ to advance my project?”