Awesome Future | 12.13.15

Followers of Jesus believe that he is coming back again to reign in person as lord over his restored creation, and that everything will be made right and whole again. There is an interesting Greek word used in the New Testament to talk about this hope of Jesus coming back: parousia. In the culture of that day, this word had two meanings: one was used to refer to the mysterious presence of a god or divinity, particularly when the power of this god was revealed in healing. People would suddenly be aware of a supernatural and powerful presence.

Think about this for a minute; I wonder if this is kind of like that overwhelming feeling of awe at the birth of your child, the lump that comes unexpectedly into your throat at a poignant moment in a movie, or hearing a piece of music that taps into something deep within you. A warm sense of “rightness” when you give of yourself to serve another. That fleeting sense of mystery and beauty in a quiet moment in the middle of all the holiday craziness, something bigger than your understanding, an echo of something that you know to be real but can’t quite see?

Could it be that we experience the powerful presence of Jesus in moments like these, when we catch a sudden glimpse?

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