Inner Voice | 2.28.16

This week we are going to think about the other most common and important way God speaks to us; through our own thoughts and feelings. This is often referred to as the “still small voice” or “inner voice.”

Okay, this is where things can get confusing pretty fast.
We might worry, “How do I know these thoughts are not just my own thoughts? Shouldn’t we stick to depending on the Bible only for hearing from God?” Valid questions, because our hearts and minds can deceive us. Yes, the Bible is true and complete; God will not say anything further to be added to the written Word. A Biblical Christian is not just someone who believes certain things about God and the Bible. He or she is someone who lives the kind of life that was modeled by Jesus, a life of personal, intelligent interaction with God—that “personal relationship” that we talk about.

Hearing God through thoughts and feelings is for those people who are surrendered to and earnestly seeking Him. The Holy Spirit in us makes the words of Scripture come alive to speak to us personally, and helps us learn to distinguish when a thought is ours alone, and when it is also His. Here’s an interesting visual picture that Dallas Willard gives of what he calls God’s “candle” – The thoughts and feelings in the mind and spirit of one who is surrendered to God should be treated as if God were walking through one’s personality with a candle, directing one’s attention to things one after the other.

Letting the light of the Holy Spirit in to repair our faulty thoughts and feelings is kind of like going to the doctor when you admit something isn’t right. He gets right to work, using the words of Scripture to replace wrong ideas with the truth about God and about ourselves.